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  • Microprediction


    Chief Data Scientist, Intech Investments

  • Kunlun Bai

    Kunlun Bai

    Professional Research Scientist in ML/AI/Physics/Engineering. Amateur Photographer and Drummer.

  • Rebel Science

    Rebel Science

    Physics, AGI and neuroscience.

  • Michael Bronstein

    Michael Bronstein

    Professor @imperialcollege, Head of Graph ML Research @Twitter, ML Lead @ProjectCETI. Researcher, teacher, entrepreneur

  • Renana Ashkenazi

    Renana Ashkenazi

    Grove Ventures

  • Omri Green

    Omri Green

  • Dov Moran

    Dov Moran

    Israeli entrepreneur, inventor and investor, Managing Partner of Grove Ventures, best known as the founder of M-Systems and inventor of the USB memory stick

  • Towards AI Team

    Towards AI Team

    Work with us → https://mktg.best/ais | Tutorials → https://ws.towardsai.net/tutorials | Subscribe → https://ws.towardsai.net/subscribe | Twitter: @Towards_AI

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